Jenna’s Story

Without the help of the UMassFive College Federal Credit Union, I would not have been able to pursue higher education, which has led me to a fulfilling career in the field of public health.

David’s Story

Our plan was to research other potential lenders but we both had such a good experience with Student Choice we decided to choose them.

Allison’s Story

The credit union allowed the process to be simple and the online repayment plan has been very simple to use.

Nicholas’s Story

Thanks to The GAP Credit Union and Student Choice I can finance my education. It’s an easy process for first time borrowers and co-signers.

Haley’s Story

Northern Federal Credit Union and Student Choice have helped me make my dreams become a reality. Without their help, I wouldn't have been able to afford college.

Alex’s Story

It was great to be able to ask questions with someone I knew had my best interests in mind, rather than looking to make me just another money-making statistic on a website.

Marisa’s Story

My current studies would not have been possible without the undergraduate education I received and the Student Choice line of credit to finance that education.

Tristan’s Story

Learning to fly and be a pilot is one of the greatest feelings I have ever had. I have met a lot of people due to networking and I have Kemba to thank from the start.

Cassie’s Story

The credit union lending process has helped me and my family significantly while being a full time student, employee, mother and wife.