Lending Stories

Nicole’s Story

I am forever grateful for the opportunity that Wright-Patt Credit Union gave me, and know that I will continue to put my money and faith in them in the future.

Devon’s Story

Without my credit union I wouldn't even know where to begin with my financial situation with school.

Samantha’s Story

Without the credit union, this would not be possible and I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

Kenny’s Story

Naturally when it came time to find a lender for my college education I turned to where I felt welcomed my whole life.

Nick’s Story

Without a Wright-Patt Credit Union private student loan, I could not afford to go to such a fine school.

Kayla’s Story

Elements Financial has consistently worked with me to ensure I am able to make my payments each month.

Tyler’s Story

Elements Financial Credit Union provided me with the opportunity to change not only my life but young people's lives.

Kaylee’s Story

This credit union has been with us through it all, and my family and I can not thank them enough.

Danielle’s Story

Thanks to ARC Federal Credit Union I was able to pay for my great education and now have a full time job in my career field.

Courtney’s Story

The interest rate that I got was much lower than any of the banks I had looked at. I'm so grateful that KEMBA gave me options in my limited situation.

Matt’s Story

The consolidation really helped me focus on my career and not worry about when all my loans are due, plus now I have one easy payment!

Aaron’s Story

I can attribute a large portion of my experiences in the past four years (and probably several to come) to the ability to work with the Student Choice organization.

Casey’s Story

I knew that I was choosing the right place to borrow from because it was easy to understand and very reliable.

Marissa’s Story

Working with a credit union compared to a bank is the best financial decision I've made.

Rilie’s Story

I loved how they took the time to teach me every step to take in order to be truly financially successful.

Kasey’s Story

My credit union made it possible for my to study what I love, while remaining stress-free about how I need to pay for my education.

Alexis’s Story

I love what I do, and I wouldn't have received the job of my dreams with the ability to help others if it wasn't for my credit union.

Julie’s Story

The process of working with the credit union was so quick and flawless.

Bryan’s Story

I can't wait to graduate and teach in my own classroom. Without my credit union I wouldn't be where I am today.

Natalia’s Story

I had a great experience with P&SFCU. They always looked out for my benefit and wanted to make sure that I was always covered.

Cassandra’s Story

Earning my degree will forever change my life and open the door of opportunities. Thank you Directions Credit Union for your services during this journey in my life!

Allison’s Story

Using a credit union made it possible for me to attend college, graduate and work in the career field I have always dreamed of. I

Ian’s Story

The Day Air Credit Union supported me in this mission, and has continued to support me since.

Dominic’s Story

Member's 1st made everything extremely easy and lifted the heavy weight off my shoulders. I would like to thank them for allowing me to continue college and pursue my dream of becoming an engineer!

Angelika’s Story

Investing in my own future would not have been possible without the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union student loan I received throughout three consecutive years.

Rilie’s Story

Working with Day Air Credit Union helped me be able to attend the university of my dreams! They were...

Katie’s Story

When I received my acceptance letter from my first choice university, I was filled with excitement. That excitement, however,...

Samantha’s Story

College has always been something that was somewhat of a dream for me. The only difficult part of that...

Gretchen’s Story

I am a student that has to pay for my way through college so I checked with Members 1st....

Courtney’s Story

As someone pursuing a medical degree, I knew going in I’d be in debt until I’m dead. The idea...

Ryan’s Story

I have been working with my Credit Union for almost 10 years now on all sorts of things. My...

Aaron’s Story

I am studying Architectural Engineering at Penn State University. I will graduate with a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree through...

Kelsey’s Story

I have always grown up comfortably and college was always a choice, but I knew that I would need...

Brooke’s Story

Members 1st Federal Credit Union has been fantastic, especially when a large error occurred on my part. With the credit...

Mira’s Story

Being the first in my family in America to attend college was a big accomplishment! Although, it was a...

Naomi’s Story

My dream since I was a sophomore in high school was to become a nationally board certified Music Therapist,...

Matthew’s Story

The lending process with KEMBA Financial was smooth and very stress free. I also have an auto loan through KEMBA...

Kaitlyn’s Story

Receiving a loan from Georgia’s Own has done more than just fund my academic goals – it has opened...

Timothy’s Story

After reviewing several lending institutions for student loans, we decided to give our credit union a look. I’ve been...

Erin’s Story

When I made the decision to transfer to a university far from home, I knew I was going to...

Madison’s Story

During my senior year of high school, I started getting nervous about how I was going to pay for...

Mia’s Story

My overall experience with Georgia’s Own Credit Union was great. I needed financing for my senior year of college...

Kerry’s Story

My sisters, Sandra and Stefani, and I are identical triplets and after completing our high school education at the...

Jared’s Story

I started my college career like many others, right out of high school. After I finished my associate’s degree...

Erin’s Story

When I graduated from high school, I was really excited to be going to my dream school. I made...

Sheri’s Story

Originally, I asked a Financial Service Representative at Midwest Community FCU a few simple questions about CU Student Choice...

Steven’s Story

Going to college for me wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for NASA Credit Union and Student Choice. I...

Matt’s Story

Beth and I have three children and it was important for us both that she work as a ‘stay...

Betsy’s Story

I graduated in 2009 from a private college with a Communications Arts degree and wonderful memories I would take...

Sarah’s Story

My story started during my first year of marriage when I decided to go back to school to pursue...
Sarah edited for LYV 8-15

Dustin’s Story

I graduated in 2007 and started working for a credit union – needless to say, my financial life has...