Jared’s Story

I started my college career like many others, right out of high school. After I finished my associate’s degree I was already employed and was moving up in the organization. I decided to focus on my career and not continue my education. During the economic downturn of 2009/2010 I became a displaced worker. My family and I made the decision at that time to invest in our future long-term by me going back to school fulltime to finish my degree.

The family understood some sacrifices would need to be made if my returning to the classroom was going to be successful. To keep the financial strain on the family budget limited, we made the choice to borrower for necessities (tuition and books). Paying for college was a little stressful for me. I knew I was investing in my future but I also knew I was taking on debt. Being a displaced worker, this was a little scary.

When we decided to borrow for school we looked to our credit union for options. The process was very simple & easy. I was able to complete everything from my home computer which made things extremely convenient. We completed the application in a matter of minutes. Once approved there was a major sense of relief. The comfort of having a line of credit available over the next two years allowed me to feel good about the decision to focus on school while not placing a financial strain on our family.

When I went back to school I majored in Marketing. I graduated in December of 2012 with my marketing degree and was able to almost immediately enter back into the workforce in a business development/marketing position with a local credit union. Finishing my degree has given me a level of security I didn’t have before. I feel more marketable in the workforce and I know my family is proud of me. My wife and I talk about college frequently with our daughters. I feel good encouraging them to obtain higher education knowing I did the same.