Rilie’s Story

Wright-Patt Credit Union was able to educate me on what exactly I was getting myself into while borrowing money to attend a 4 year institution. I loved how they took the time to teach me every step to take in order to be truly financially successful. They were patient with me and any time I have a question I know I can call them to get my questions answered.The credit union process has been great! I have loved getting to know those who live in my area as well as having them around to educate me on what options my credit union has to offer to me as a student and community member.

My education has helped me grow as a student, person, and future employer. I have learned so much about who I am as a person and how I interact with those around me. I have become a better student throughout my time getting an education because I have learned to study effectively and learn from my mistakes. My professors have taken time to talk with me about what I am learning and I know that is something very unique to experience. I believe I have been taught to be a life-long student of the world and I am excited to see where those experiences take me! While attending University of Kentucky, Marshall University, and the University of Cincinnati I have learned about how to be the most well-rounded employer possible. I have learned how to grow in my communication skills, leadership skills, and professional development. I have learned what to look for in my future employers and possible future employees. Furthering my education has been the best decision I have ever made.