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Bright Futures. Boundless Stories.

In spite of the financial challenges of paying for college, you know your degree will pay you back in countless ways over your lifetime: with enhanced potential for a fulfilling career, more sustainable income, and greater family stability. In essence: a more rewarding life.

Every Student Has a Story – What’s Yours?

As a credit union member who financed your education with assistance from a participating credit union, we want to hear your story! We’re looking for stories that are honest, sincere, and reflect the positive impact your college funding and higher education experience have had on your life.

To tell us your story, simply:

  1. 1. Upload a photograph of yourself and in ten sentences or less, explain how your college education and credit union student lending experience have positively impacted your life. We’d love to hear:
    1. – How the credit union lending process helped shape your financing decisions
    2. – Your experience working with a credit union
    3. – How your education has helped improve your life or how it has helped you in your career
  2. If you’d prefer, you can share your story via video – simply include the video URL in the “Enter a Video Link” below the “Your Story” section.
  1. 2. Once you’ve told your story, check the box that gives Student Choice permission to display it on this website and in our communication efforts. Your voice will help others better understand the value of higher education and how to responsibly fund their college dreams.

If your story is selected to be featured on our website before January 31, 2019, we’ll send you a $50 Amazon gift card!

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