My lending experience has provided me with great opportunities; namely, getting educated to be an engineer. Having received very limited financial aid, the student lending opportunity was the main reason I could ultimately obtain a BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering) degree. Being able to borrow for my college expenses helped me, fiscally, to pursue an internship that would eventually flourish into a full-time engineering career. Having been enabled to pursue a field/profession that suits me is incredible and I owe that to the ability to obtain higher education. While my student lending was paramount to obtaining a meaningful education/career, it has helped to provide me with many other opportunities, indirectly. The fiscal freedom that I was provided from not having to pay every dime I had toward my education allowed me to experience a variety of exciting events in my life, such as: The Gentleman of the Road Tour (Mumford & Sons), helping donate my time and resources to improve the conditions of one of my local middle schools, attending events like “The Living Christmas Tree” (in the attached picture), building an electric concept car and competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon, and so much more.

Arguably, the most important thing student lending has helped to provide me with is a future family. Not having to up-front the costs for my education allowed me to free up my finances enough to get engaged/married!

All-in-all, I can attribute a large portion of my experiences in the past four years (and probably several to come) to the ability to work with the Student Choice organization.