I borrowed from Directions Credit Union because I wanted to continue my academic career at The University of Toledo. My dad went to UT and I have always looked up to him in so many different ways. I’m studying Biology in hopes to become a Physicians Assistant with a concentration in Neurology.

I became very interested in the brain my sophomore year of high school when I was playing soccer and got a concussion. My first game back after the concussion I smacked heads with a girl on the opposing team and was unconscious for at least 30 seconds. My dad made the hardest decision I think any parents could have to make, he made me quit soccer.

I decided to try out for basketball and I made the Varsity team. It was the practice before our first game, and a freshman had elbowed me right in the temple. I fell to the floor crying, not because it hurt but because I knew this was the end. People who have had numerous bad concussion in their life are prone to have problems with learning in the future so I was worried that I wouldn’t ever be great at anything ever again.

I want to be there for those kids or adults that have brain damage and I want to work with them and be there when they think no one else is. They need someone, just like I did, to tell me that everything is going to be okay and that they are going to be amazing at something one day.

The University of Toledo has taught me that and I don’t know how I would be here without the help of Directions Credit Union. They truly made my dreams come true. Everyone at DCU is so friendly and helpful all the time and they always seem like they answer the phone JUST to talk to me.

It’s truly hard being a full time student with 3 jobs and bills to pay. Stress piles up, but with my loan I know I don’t need to stress about money because DCU always has my back. Thanks you Directions for everything you do for me!