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McKenzie’s Story

I am heading into my 4th and final year as a Criminal Justice Major at [...]

Marlee’s Story

When looking for financial options to help support me during my college experience KEMBA was [...]

Gilman’s Story

When the first of our four children was headed off to college I spoke to [...]

Tess’s Story

I decided to attend a 4 year university to receive my degree in Spanish Education [...]

Allison’s Story

Starting the process through the credit union was easy and continuing use has been easy [...]

James’s Story

I am a Georgetown College grad and work full time with a non-profit on UK’s [...]

Evan’s Story

While looking for loans for my education, Elements Financial just fit. They were local to [...]

Aeshli’s Story

My education has changed my life completely. I was only 21 when my husband and [...]

Rebecca’s Story

I used WCTFCU as a financial source for my schooling and was able to go [...]

Morgan’s Story

I needed help paying for college, as federal student loans were not enough. Because Wright-Patt [...]

Shane’s Story

I have graduated college as of six months ago. Life gave me so many twists [...]

Dylan’s Story

Going into college can be a mix of emotions for people, ranging from excitement to [...]

Meaghann’s Story

When I was considering colleges, the finances was the scariest part! I was not eligible [...]

Lindsey’s Story

Northern Federal CU was there for me when I went away to college. Struggling not [...]

Hanna’s Story

After two years of college education at a state university, I realized that my childhood [...]

Brooke’s Story

I started an account through Northern Federal Credit Union because they provided me with the [...]

Jessica’s Story

During my freshman year of college in 2017, I decided to transfer schools. I had [...]

Quentin’s Story

Working with LFCU has helped me organize my finances all into one place. My experience [...]

Kent’s Story

Without the help of my private student loan through KEMBA, I would have not been [...]

Lauren’s Story

Choosing to finance my education through Day Air Credit Union has been one of the [...]

Alexis’s Story

My sophomore year of college, I realized my scholarships and federal loans were not going [...]

Megan’s Story

I graduated college with a great deal of student debt due to a lack of [...]

Hayley’s Story

I love working with Day Air for my school needs because they make it easy [...]

Theresa’s Story

When looking for a way to pay for college I immediately went to the credit [...]

Abigail’s Story

I borrowed from Directions Credit Union because I wanted to continue my academic career at [...]

Nick’s Story

ARC Federal Credit Union and Student Choice was the only way I was able to [...]

Lexxii’s Story

The credit union lending process helped shape my financial decisions by making it easy to [...]

Joe’s Story

I needed four years in college to realize my passion for journalism, and the credit [...]

Chase’s Story

I was a member with Kemba for about 3 and a half years before I [...]

Gabriel’s Story

The credit union lending process substantially helped me make borrowing for college a breeze. The [...]

Mack’s Story

Going back to school later in life was already difficult but the Credit Union made [...]

Bryce’s Story

The credit union lending process helped shape my financing decisions by giving me the finances [...]

Luis’s Story

When it comes to finding money for college, I’ve found it’s never easy. However, thanks [...]

William’s Story

I am so thankful for getting a credit union loan! Because of the loan I [...]

Honor’s Story

Using a credit union for my private student loans was the best option that I [...]

Brittani’s Story

Without the help I received from my Directions Credit Union loan, I would have never [...]

Olivia’s Story

This Student Choice loan has allowed me to attend a private university that I otherwise [...]

Joseph’s Story

Picking Student Choice was the obvious choice after exploring all my options because of how [...]

Erica’s Story

NFCU has helped me tremendously throughout my undergrad and graduate studies. Not only has the [...]

Jenna’s Story

UMassFive College Federal Credit Union has positively impacted my life because without the loans I [...]

David’s Story

My wife and I were approached by my brother to help in the loan process. [...]

Allison’s Story

The Student Choice loan process permitted me to attend my first choice college for my [...]

Nicholas’s Story

My parents have worked to provide me with a wonderful life. Unfortunately that has made [...]

Haley’s Story

Northern Federal Credit Union and Student Choice have helped me make my dreams become a [...]

Alex’s Story

UMassFive made my borrowing process easy and simple. It was great to be able to [...]

Marisa’s Story

I attended a very expensive undergraduate university because my parents always encouraged me to follow [...]

Tristan’s Story

I am a sophomore at Kent State University studying Flight Technology. I am aspiring to [...]

Cassie’s Story

The credit union lending process has helped me and my family significantly while being a [...]

Mike’s Story

Currently I am a student attending college working towards a major in computer science. If [...]

Alexis’s Story

When I was first applying to college, finances was a scary path to go down. [...]

Danielle’s Story

I was able to attend a University with the help from Kemba Financial Credit Union! [...]

Darren’s Story

College was a huge step for me financially, but Catholic Federal Credit Union (CFCU) made [...]

Keith’s Story

UMassFive is the BEST. I have had automobile and college tuition loans with them and [...]

Nick’s Story

Student Choice and the credit union made the process of paying for my education simple [...]

Nicole’s Story

It was always a dream of mine to attend The Ohio State University, but without [...]

Samantha’s Story

With the help of Wright-Patt Credit Union, my dreams got a little easier to reach. [...]

Devon’s Story

College has really helped me discover who I am and what I like to do. [...]

Kenny’s Story

ARC Federal Credit Union has been my family financial institution for years. I remember when [...]

Nick’s Story

I was accepted at The University of Dayton. Without a Wright-Patt Credit Union private student [...]

Kaylee’s Story

Before applying for loans from Catholic Federal Credit Union, I knew almost nothing about financial [...]

Danielle’s Story

Finding ways to pay for college can be tricky. When I started looking into places [...]

Kayla’s Story

I was the first grandchild in my family to graduate from college and pursue my [...]

Courtney’s Story

Credit union lending was the way to go for me. I’m about to graduate with [...]

Tyler’s Story

Many years ago I decided to go back to school to get my teaching license [...]

Aaron’s Story

My lending experience has provided me with great opportunities; namely, getting educated to be an [...]

Matt’s Story

Elements Financial Federal Credit Union was extremely helpful in consolidating my student loans from a [...]

Casey’s Story

Wright-Patt Credit Union helped shape my financial decisions by making it simple to set up [...]

Marissa’s Story

Working with a credit union compared to a bank is the best financial decision I’ve [...]

Kasey’s Story

When I was old enough to form sentences, I was always making up stories as [...]

Alexis’s Story

I am the first one in my family to go to college, and like most [...]

Julie’s Story

The process of working with the credit union was so quick and flawless. I needed [...]

Bryan’s Story

Wright-Patt Credit Union has offered me enough money so I would have the opportunity to [...]

Natalia’s Story

While picking colleges, I knew that I wanted to go to an engineering school; however, [...]

Cassandra’s Story

The credit union lending process helped shape my financial decisions by first off being extremely [...]

Allison’s Story

Coming from a family that has never been to college, working with a credit union [...]

Ian’s Story

My journey began senior year of High School. Acceptance letters and scholarship packets came out, [...]

Dominic’s Story

After receiving my financial aid I was very discouraged because it only covered a fraction [...]

Angelika’s Story

As a first generation Polish immigrant and college student, one of my main objectives was [...]

Rilie’s Story

Working with Day Air Credit Union helped me be able to attend the university of [...]

Katie’s Story

When I received my acceptance letter from my first choice university, I was filled with [...]

Courtney’s Story

As someone pursuing a medical degree, I knew going in I’d be in debt until [...]

Samantha’s Story

College has always been something that was somewhat of a dream for me. The only [...]

Kelsey’s Story

I have always grown up comfortably and college was always a choice, but I knew [...]

Brooke’s Story

Members 1st Federal Credit Union has been fantastic, especially when a large error occurred on [...]

Ryan’s Story

I have been working with my Credit Union for almost 10 years now on all [...]

Aaron’s Story

I am studying Architectural Engineering at Penn State University. I will graduate with a Master’s [...]

Mira’s Story

Being the first in my family in America to attend college was a big accomplishment! [...]

Naomi’s Story

My dream since I was a sophomore in high school was to become a nationally [...]

Matthew’s Story

The lending process with KEMBA Financial was smooth and very stress free. I also have [...]

Kaitlyn’s Story

Receiving a loan from Georgia’s Own has done more than just fund my academic goals [...]

Timothy’s Story

After reviewing several lending institutions for student loans, we decided to give our credit union [...]

Erin’s Story

When I made the decision to transfer to a university far from home, I knew [...]

Madison’s Story

During my senior year of high school, I started getting nervous about how I was [...]

Mia’s Story

My overall experience with Georgia’s Own Credit Union was great. I needed financing for my [...]

Kerry’s Story

My sisters, Sandra and Stefani, and I are identical triplets and after completing our high [...]

Erin’s Story

When I graduated from high school, I was really excited to be going to my [...]

Sheri’s Story

Originally, I asked a Financial Service Representative at Midwest Community FCU a few simple questions [...]

Steven’s Story

Going to college for me wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for NASA Credit Union [...]

Matt’s Story

Beth and I have three children and it was important for us both that she [...]

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