As a first generation Polish immigrant and college student, one of my main objectives was to make certain my parents’ sacrifice was worth the trip into the United States. Investing in my own future would not have been possible without the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union student loan I received throughout three consecutive years. The application and acceptance process was simple and renewing in the following years was even simpler. Not only did the loan help towards tuition, but it provided me the opportunity to live on campus. Living on campus allowed me to participate in several clubs and on-campus activities, as well as focus more on academics. With the low interest rate at the credit union, which is even lower than my federal loan rates, I did not feel financially strained.

Currently, I am an alumni working in my field and I expect to have all my student loans paid within three years. I believe I was given the opportunity to work in my field immediately after graduation because of my extra-curricular activities and strong academic performance, neither of which would have been possible with my credit union loan. The low interest rates and flexibility of payments at the credit union make this possible!