Samantha’s Story

College has always been something that was somewhat of a [...]

Samantha’s Story2019-12-23T19:55:20+00:00

Kelsey’s Story

I have always grown up comfortably and college was always [...]

Kelsey’s Story2019-12-23T19:54:22+00:00

Brooke’s Story

Members 1st Federal Credit Union has been fantastic, especially when [...]

Brooke’s Story2019-12-23T19:54:08+00:00

Ryan’s Story

I have been working with my Credit Union for almost [...]

Ryan’s Story2019-12-23T19:54:43+00:00

Mira’s Story

Being the first in my family in America to attend [...]

Mira’s Story2019-12-23T19:53:58+00:00

Aaron’s Story

I am studying Architectural Engineering at Penn State University. I [...]

Aaron’s Story2019-12-23T19:54:34+00:00

Naomi’s Story

My dream since I was a sophomore in high school [...]

Naomi’s Story2019-12-23T19:53:45+00:00

Matthew’s Story

The lending process with KEMBA Financial was smooth and very [...]

Matthew’s Story2019-12-23T19:53:35+00:00

Kaitlyn’s Story

Receiving a loan from Georgia’s Own has done more than [...]

Kaitlyn’s Story2019-12-23T19:53:25+00:00

Timothy’s Story

After reviewing several lending institutions for student loans, we decided [...]

Timothy’s Story2019-12-23T19:53:14+00:00
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