Quentin’s Story

Working with LFCU has helped me organize my finances all [...]

Quentin’s Story2019-12-23T21:37:08+00:00

Kent’s Story

Without the help of my private student loan through KEMBA, [...]

Kent’s Story2019-12-23T20:40:44+00:00

Lauren’s Story

Choosing to finance my education through Day Air Credit Union [...]

Lauren’s Story2019-12-23T20:40:20+00:00

Alexis’s Story

My sophomore year of college, I realized my scholarships and [...]

Alexis’s Story2019-12-23T20:39:53+00:00

Megan’s Story

I graduated college with a great deal of student debt [...]

Megan’s Story2019-12-23T20:39:35+00:00

Hayley’s Story

I love working with Day Air for my school needs [...]

Hayley’s Story2019-12-23T20:34:59+00:00

Abigail’s Story

I borrowed from Directions Credit Union because I wanted to [...]

Abigail’s Story2019-12-23T20:38:50+00:00

Lexxii’s Story

The credit union lending process helped shape my financial decisions [...]

Lexxii’s Story2019-12-23T20:34:11+00:00

Nick’s Story

ARC Federal Credit Union and Student Choice was the only [...]

Nick’s Story2019-12-23T20:34:36+00:00
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