Marlee’s Story

When looking for financial options to help support me during [...]

Marlee’s Story2019-12-23T21:20:27+00:00

Gilman’s Story

When the first of our four children was headed off [...]

Gilman’s Story2019-12-23T21:20:03+00:00

Tess’s Story

I decided to attend a 4 year university to receive [...]

Tess’s Story2019-12-23T21:19:47+00:00

Allison’s Story

Starting the process through the credit union was easy and [...]

Allison’s Story2019-12-23T21:19:26+00:00

James’s Story

I am a Georgetown College grad and work full time [...]

James’s Story2019-12-23T21:20:57+00:00

Evan’s Story

While looking for loans for my education, Elements Financial just [...]

Evan’s Story2019-12-23T21:17:25+00:00

Aeshli’s Story

My education has changed my life completely. I was only [...]

Aeshli’s Story2020-01-10T14:24:36+00:00

Rebecca’s Story

I used WCTFCU as a financial source for my schooling [...]

Rebecca’s Story2019-12-23T21:16:30+00:00

Morgan’s Story

I needed help paying for college, as federal student loans [...]

Morgan’s Story2019-12-23T21:15:42+00:00
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