I began my student debt with another company who promised the moon and the stars while stating they could help me get out from under the student loan debt within 10 years, and they would release my cosigner after one year of payments. But the interest they charged and the hidden fees were a nightmare. After 3 years with them, they still had not paid down my loan a single dime, nor did they release my cosigner. I was beginning to lose faith and drown in a sea of debt. I turned to various companies looking for help, each one would talk big, but wouldn’t take on the loan to help me, that is until Kemba.

Kemba really stepped up and took on my $100,000 student loan and refinanced it to make the payments manageable for me. They have shown great compassion and have been a real rock for me. Not only did they take on the loan and make it reasonable, they also restored my faith that I can get out of this horrible mess and not be burdened with this loan for the rest of my life. I am proud to say I have been paying on time. Kemba has been simply amazing. Even though it has not been a full year since I refinanced, I have paid down the loan more in this short amount of time than I did in three years with the other company. THREE YEARS. It is simply amazing! I cannot thank them enough. I have moved all of my banking business to Kemba, and will likely remain a member for life.