College has really helped me discover who I am and what I like to do. However without my help from my credit union I wouldn’t be able to attend my university. Elements has done a tremendous job keeping me on track with my finances, which in turn has allowed me to stay focused on school and get the grades that I need to get my degree. Without my credit union I wouldn’t even know where to begin with my financial situation with school. Elements has made this entire process simple, easy, and most importantly, stress free. Being in school comes with its own stress so the less amount of stress outside of school I have the easier it is for me to concentrate with my school work. Although school can be stressful, I have met so many new people, each with their own story and background. School has been able to introduce me to real world experiences with my future career and create a network of people along the way. I know when I graduate I will have a lifetime of success ahead of me!