Going into college can be a mix of emotions for people, ranging from excitement to fear. Unitus Community Credit Union helped me put those worries about tuition to rest with a private loan. Unitus made the loan application process simple and easy, and taught me a lot about the lending process. Thanks to Unitus, I now critically think about my saving and spending in regards to money, as well as differentiating between my needs and wants.

Without the help of the private loan from Unitus Community Credit Union, I would have not been able to complete my education. I was able to graduate with a degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Economics from Chapman University. My education has opened numerous doors for me, including aiding me in getting a job doing breast cancer research for Oregon Health and Sciences University. Most importantly, my education has helped me take a giant leap in attaining my career goal of becoming a doctor. Thank you Unitus Community Credit Union for helping me take control of my life!