When I made the decision to transfer to a university far from home, I knew I was going to incur costs that I wasn’t sure I could afford. After I calculated how much in Federal loans I would receive, I felt stuck and frustrated. It just wasn’t enough to pay for tuition, rent, and everything else like textbooks and living expenses. Friends of mine recommended I look into a student loan at Catholic Federal Credit Union and it has made ALL the difference in the last few years. The woman I worked with was so kind and helpful, making it simple and easy to see why so many of my friends went there for their student loan needs. The personalized customer service I received is the main reason they are still my primary credit union today, even though I’m living a few hours away. The extra loan for the next couple of years helped me afford a place to stay in a safe neighborhood, and it covered the cost of all my textbooks and extra class expenses while I successfully completed my college education. Today, just a few years after applying for my first loan at Catholic Federal, I am the new Executive Director at a local nonprofit called Open Roads Bike Program. We teach youth bike mechanic skills and social skills in order to better prepare them for their future, and I am so grateful to be in this position. Thanks to my local credit union, I was able to be better prepared for MY future and the career I am in today!