When I graduated from high school, I was really excited to be going to my dream school. I made good grades and had great ACT scores, but after all of the scholarships and government loans, I still needed money to pay for the rest of my school bills. I looked to my mom, who works for Midwest Community FCU, for advice. She suggested we look into a CU Student Choice private student loan. We called CU Student Choice and they explained that it is a line of credit and that each year I could add the amount I needed to the original loan. We only had to fill out the paper work one time and it was super easy!

Every year during the summer, CU Student Choice sends me an email asking me to estimate how much money I will need for the following school year and they take it from there! I decided to put my loan on deferment until after graduation, so payments aren’t required but I can still send in payments if I want to. I am so excited to start my senior year at Ohio Northern University where I am majoring in nursing. I want to personally thank Credit Union Student Choice private loans for making this a very easy and pain free process while pursuing my dream of becoming a registered nurse. They have met all of my needs, and it has been a great experience for me!