My journey began senior year of High School. Acceptance letters and scholarship packets came out, yet I found myself “x” thousand dollars short of attending the University of Dayton, a private, Catholic learning experience. I recognized this obstacle as a real challenge as I pay my own way through the upper-level school system. If I wanted to attend this phenomenal university, I was to find third-party means to achieve that goal.

The Day Air Credit Union supported me in this mission, and has continued to support me since. That senior year, the UD credit union branch manager, Ms. Amy Cline, invited me to sit down and discuss my four year plan and financing. She found a plan that fit my needs with low interest and helped explain the process to me regarding loaning money and the importance to pay interest as the money is borrowed.

Since that day, Ms. Amy and I continue developing a running friendship. She personally knows my files and invites me to her office every time I visit. I now hold multiple leadership positions around campus, including a campus Resident Assistant and Student Ambassador, and feel I can help give back by sending students Amy’s way.

As the service chair for the on-campus Eagle Scout fraternity, Epsilon Tau Pi, I have led my group of thirty-four brothers to nine service events around the Dayton area over the past five semesters. Relations were developed with Russ Nature Reserve in Beavercreek, FirstLegoLeague, and the House of Bread in Dayton. Day Air supported my mission yet again this past Fall of 2015. Through Ms. Amy Cline, contact was made with Ms. Bettina Buscemi for service funding. The money was granted and used to continue developing the House of Bread gardens under the care of Ms. Melodie Bennett.

Finally, I wish to share gratitude for the wisdom Ms. Amy and my mentor shared with me regarding finances. Since I accepted my line of credit, I pay the accrued monthly interest and started my future investment into a mutual fund. I am challenged to work throughout the school semester and breaks, but the long-term savings far outweigh the short-term gains. This, in a nutshell, is how my credit union shaped my financing decisions.

Go Flyers!