I have always grown up comfortably and college was always a choice, but I knew that I would need to borrow to get through. I have been with Members 1st since I was 11 years old, and I even remember back then the people who worked at the branches were always so nice! When it was time for college they sat down with me and my parents and explained all of our choices along with explaining what Lock Haven University needed from me. We took my first bill in and again they helped us through.

My major at Lock Haven University is social work, and with this major I am hoping to work with adoption and foster care agencies. I graduate this coming May and will be moving to Florida. My education has shaped me into the young adult I am today. I learned to be a professional and an individual! I will be continuing for another bachelor’s in the next year for Deaf Education and then afterward going on for my MSW! I’m so excited for my future but my dream couldn’t have started without the financial help and professionals at Members 1st Federal Credit Union.