Without the help of my private student loan through KEMBA, I would have not been able to afford the experiences that I’ve had in my four years at Butler University. Even with federal and state financial aid, the cost of a college education is still beyond what many families (ours included) can afford. At first, I thought that obtaining a private loan would be difficult and come with a lot of complicated paperwork and terms to sort through – it almost didn’t seem worth it. With KEMBA however, this was not the case. KEMBA worked closely with me, my parents, and my university’s office of financial aid, and did everything in their power to make things work for us. Not only was it simple and easy to navigate, but it was almost fun in a way to see all of the different financing options that were available to me. My college experience in the last four years has been invaluable in many ways, and I am sure it will benefit me in years to come. Professionally and personally, my Butler education is something that will impact me for the rest of my life, and KEMBA’s generous lending program made the experience I’ve had here possible.