My sisters, Sandra and Stefani, and I are identical triplets and after completing our high school education at the same time we decided to attend separate colleges. While paying tuition for three private universities was no easy feat, SRI FCU was there to help my sisters and I achieve our goals of a college education. Attending separate universities required mounds of paperwork, but working with Student Choice made it easy to apply and receive the funds necessary to attend the university of our choice. Truly, we would not have been able to get to where we are today without the support of SRI FCU and Student Choice. Receiving funds for a college education has given each of us fantastic opportunities we would not have received otherwise. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Sandra is working at a genetic testing start up in Silicon Valley. Stefani is in the process of receiving a PhD in Neuroscience from a university in Ireland. Lastly, after also receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, I am now working at a marketing and technology company in Southern California. The funds we received enabled the three of us to obtain positions in the medical and technology fields that would not have been possible without a college education.