I attended a very expensive undergraduate university because my parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams, regardless of the cost and this was the best school for me. A Student Choice line of credit from my local credit union made it possible for me to live out that dream at an out-of-state university, where I studied Biology and Psychology. I had the chance to live, work, and study in the dynamic, diverse city of Pittsburgh without the pressure of making tuition payments. I was able to spend my free time volunteering and conducting research at a leading scientific institution, which prepared me to apply to graduate schools.

I am now pursuing my PhD in Neuroscience and my Master’s in Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I am studying the neural consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder and assaultive violence exposure with the goal of improving interventions and therapies for people struggling with PTSD. My current studies would not have been possible without the undergraduate education I received and the Student Choice line of credit to finance that education.