When I was considering colleges, the finances was the scariest part! I was not eligible to apply for federal student loans, leaving me to search for other options. When I first joined UmassFive when I was 13, I found they seemed to have financing options for everything I would need as I got older. I went into the credit union with my father to get the information needed to get a student loan. They were so helpful and we walked out that day with the next steps to make it an easy transition for me. The woman who helped us was beyond patient when I had a million questions to make sure I was making the best choices. After finishing college, they stayed in contact with me on a regular basis and make sure I had all the tools I needed to begin the repayment process. My education has led me to a high level management position that is truly a dream come true for me. If it wasn’t for my degree, I’d never be where I am today! Thankfully, the finance process was actually the easiest part about college!