Currently I am a student attending college working towards a major in computer science. If it was not for the credit union giving me a loan, it would have been almost impossible for me to attend school. The lending process allowed me to think about the future and how I would save and spend money. In addition, the loan process helped open up my mind to think more critically about my needs and wants.

My experience with the credit union was great. I did a lot online and it was all very easy. I did not think that I would get a personal call from someone at the closest credit union to me. They had me come in to complete the process of my loan as well as help me and answered all my questions. My education is very important to me, it has helped me to improve my life in the present by expanding me horizons. It will help me in the future to get a great job doing something I love and making an acceptable amount of money doing it. Going to college with the assistance of the credit union helps me get closer to my career as a penetration tester every day.