While picking colleges, I knew that I wanted to go to an engineering school; however, with the perks of a better education, I knew that there would be additional costs. So, I knew I would have to rely on Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union if I wanted to go to college. Luckily, with Polish and Slavic’s low interest, I knew I could work while in college and slowly pay off my loans. I was able to be a work-study student and work on the weekends to help pay off my interest through the four years of school.

I had a great experience with P&SFCU. They always looked out for my benefit and wanted to make sure that I was always covered. Now as a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, I work for Unilever in Chicago, Illinois. I absolutely credit my education and the internships it provided me with obtaining this great job! I have been working there for a year now and I am only two classes away from finishing my Masters in Management!