It was always a dream of mine to attend The Ohio State University, but without the help of Wright-Patt Credit Union, it would have never been a possibility. Even with scholarships and a part-time job, the cost of attending Ohio State was too much of a burden for my family. However, when I went into my local Wright-Patt to discuss my financial options, I found that not only was Ohio State a possibility, but it would be affordable with the loans that WPCU could offer me. The loan that I received from this credit union lifted a huge financial weight off of my shoulders, and has allowed me to focus on my education instead of my financial situation throughout my college career. I will be graduating in the spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and look forward to entering the workforce without a massive debt, thanks to the low interest rate of my Wright-Patt loan. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that Wright-Patt Credit Union gave me, and know that I will continue to put my money and faith in them in the future.