This Student Choice loan has allowed me to attend a private university that I otherwise would not have been able to go to. The degree that I have obtained has jump started my career in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. This private university is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and all of their BSW graduates are eligible to apply for advance standing for their graduated studies. This opportunity not only saves me time but money so that I can continue my education even as I work. After graduating with my BSW I was hired by the agency I interned for my senior year and I now work with children in specialized foster care. I am able to help give children a stable, loving home for them to grow and flourish. Helping others has always been a passion of mine and this would not be possible if not for my strong educational base I received thanks to Student Choice. I am grateful that this has given me the opportunities it has so that I may one day help give a young child an opportunity that they would have never thought possible.