I have been working with my Credit Union for almost 10 years now on all sorts of things. My wife and I were able to pay for our wedding with a signature loan, we were able to get our first new car because of the great rates we received on our auto loan, and we even took care of our credit card debts from our college years with a consolidation loan. We have always looked at working with our Credit Union on any type of loan we have so it wasn’t even a second thought when I decided to go back to college and complete my Bachelor’s Degree and needed to secure extra funding to help pay for my last two semesters of school.

Two years ago, the company that I was working for was downsizing and consolidating their inside sales offices. The office that I worked out of was going to be closed and my wife and I decided to not take the offer to move to Florida in order to stay onboard with the company. At this point in time, I only had my Associate’s Degree, but I had 10+ years of sales experience. When I started to search for new jobs I was noticing how many jobs I was automatically disqualified for because of not having a Bachelor’s Degree. I made the decision very quickly that I was going to go back to school and finish another two years of schooling as fast as I could in order to better my future by completing the necessary work for a Bachelor’s Degree. My wife and I discussed our plan of action and when it came time to start applying for federal loans/grants, I realized that we did not qualify for any type of grants, so the school costs would completely rest on our shoulders. The amount of money that was necessary to bridge the gap between what I owed and what I received from federal funding was just shy of $6000. I was not sure of what to do and then I looked at our Credit Union’s website and saw that they offered student loans. Immediately I applied and shortly thereafter was approved for the necessary funding needed to pay for my semester’s invoices. I was able to start classes and begin my journey completing my goal.

I was able to complete my two year degree in 18 months, and seven months after completing my degree I was recruited by another company to take on a new sales role. One of the requirements was a Bachelor’s degree, which up until that very year, I would have never had available to promote myself with. I have been able to secure a great start to a better future because of the funding that was made available to me by my Credit Union to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. I cannot thank Members 1st Credit Union enough for being able to offer me the funding that was necessary.