With the help of Wright-Patt Credit Union, my dreams got a little easier to reach. As I continue through my next 5-6 years in pursuit of my pharmacy degree, I know that all of it will be worth it when I have my degree and can enjoy life doing my dream job. Without the credit union, this would not be possible and I will be grateful for the rest of my life. The lending process helped shape my decision because it made going to college easier. By being a part of the credit union before college, I did not hesitate to know that they would be who I would take a loan out through. With their help, I managed to go to the school I wanted while not having to worry about the loan until after I have graduated, which made the decision to go away to college so much better.

My experience working with the credit union has always been very good. They were helpful when I changed what type of account I had as a child to one that is more substantial. It is also nice that you can withdraw money from your account with another credit union.