Originally, I asked a Financial Service Representative at Midwest Community FCU a few simple questions about CU Student Choice private student loans to get me started before my daughter went off to college. My daughter Erin still needed money to pay for college after all of her scholarships and government loans. I called CU Student Choice and they explained that it is a line of credit and each year the amount we need would be added to the original loan. I only had to fill out paperwork one time! It was so easy and pain free. After completing the paperwork, CU Student Choice allowed me to fax it to them.

Every year, in the summer CU Student Choice sends my daughter and I a notice asking us to estimate how much money Erin will need for the following year and they do all the work. CU Student Choice contacts her college to find out when the funds are needed, and they send a check directly to the Bursar’s office before school starts. (They send half of what we asked for and the other half is sent before the second semester starts.) We didn’t have to do anything else. We receive monthly statements so we know what the current loan balance is. Erin put the loan on deferment until she graduates, but she can still send in payments if she wants. Erin will be a senior at Ohio Northern University this fall! The Credit Union Student Choice private loan has met all of our needs and has been a great experience for us!