Going to college for me wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for NASA Credit Union and Student Choice. I found that working through the lending process was typically difficult through FAFSA, but NASA and Student Choice went above an beyond to make sure that there were no questions left unanswered. The opportunities and resources that were made available to me through the lending process at NASA and Student Choice were second to none. I quickly came to the realization of how important NASA and Student Choice were to college students such as myself while attending college and thereafter. With the lending process, it has allowed me to pursue the goals I had set for myself at a young age to go to college and graduate with an opportunity for a career. I can say with confidence that because of NASA and Student Choice giving me the opportunity to partner together and succeed in receiving a degree, I now have a job that I would call a “Career” and am ever thankful to NASA and Student Choice. Thank you again!